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Beauty Tips: Valuable treatment for pimples

Pimples are the main gloomy matter for all the human beings especially for youths. Adolescence has wondering here and there to get ride for the pimples in their faces. But it is not a crucial matter in this medicinal world. The person who have pimple in their faces they need to follow some producer that’s all enough for the treatment. Pimples may appear in all parts of our body especially like face, neck, chest and shoulders.

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You can see some of valuable tips for the pimples treatments for face..
  • Combine one tablespoon groundnut oil with one tablespoon unsullied lime juice to avert development of blackheads and pimples
  • Compose orange peel paste by crush it in some water. Apply on and around pimples
  • Ground drumstick pods and leaves and mix up with new lime juice, and pertain on pimples. This is also excellent methodology for treating pimples
  • Comprise the crushed ice and astringent on pimples on faces
  • Mix together honey and tomato juice and remain on your face for not less than 10 to 15 minutes. This will assist to make old marks left by a pimple outbreak.
  • Formulate a paste of salt in vinegar. Wipe it on the pimples. Wash it off later than 20 to 30 minutes with warm water.
  • Make use of oil free cosmetics and make up on your face to keep away from pimples.
  • The paramount medicine for pimples is friction neem leaves with clean turmeric. Concern this paste on pimples.
  • Tulsi is an immense medicine for treating pimples. Immediately grind tulsi leaves and pertain on pimples.


  1. I am very happy to see your article, last 5 days i am searching for Treatment for Pimples. i think your information give benifit for me thanks and nice information....

  2. It's a nice Beauty Tips for Face to remove the pimples, which is a major problem now-a-days, Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Here is some additional tips to cure pimples and acne.

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    Beauty tips and healthy tips of Papaya:
    The leaves , seeds and fruits of papaya having a valuable medicine characters.Papaya are used as beauty product.
    Lets see how papaya used to enhance beauty and benefits of papaya.

    >>Papaya is used as medicine for stomach disorders.
    >>Papaya also helps for digestion.
    >>Milk from the papaya is used to kill the germs found in the stomach.

    >>The peal of papaya is used to remove pimples and dark spot found on the skin( Apply the peal of papaya as mask on the skin for few 10 min which enhance your beauty, and it helps to reduce pimples, acne and dark spot in your face).
    >> The liquid from the papaya leaf is used to cure fever, and also helps to cure heart diseases.The papaya seed also helps to cure stomach infections.
    >>Papaya is used as facial mask.
    If you follow the simple tips of papaya you can solve the problems like big pimples, relieve from dark spot, you can get bright and fresh face, kill germs and insects in stomach, reduce heart disease, treatment for heart disease,reduce dark spot,etc..

  4. I've tried a lot of the acne facial washes and none of them really did all that much. Everyone's skin is different and there's no such thing as perfect skin, homemade skin treatment i understand that, but what has worked for all of you?

  5. Pimples are biggest headache for growing girls. My friend always suffering from pimples. Probably your tips will help her a lot. Can you share me some beauty tips for face.

    Thanks in advance.


  6. I honestly have done a lot of research, and I believe that there is actually a huge relationship between the foods that I've eaten and the acne that I had for so long. After going on a good diet and cutting out excess fat, I have been acne free for a year now. complete skin care treatment

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  9. When you pop or squeeze a pimple is this can lead to lacerations which grow into scabs. Once the scabs fall off, a scar might develop and this scar will be in strong contrast to the actual color of the skin.
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