Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Beauty Tips to Prevent Small Thin Hair Removal with Egg White

Beauty Tips to Prevent Small Thin Hair Removal with Egg White. Take the egg white in a small bowl mix a tea spoon of sugar. And then add one fourth tea spoon of corn flour and mix it well. The resultant product is applied to the face and a layer is removed later Then the small thin hair on the face is removed and gives a glow on the face with smooth and soft appearance on the face skin with evergreen beauty tip for the women men teens children adults all of them can use this tip for the face to become bright soft smooth appearance and removes the small thin hair making face beauty all time.

For Bright and All time glowing face With Egg white
To glow your face bright Mix the required quantity of lemon juice and pine apple juice to the egg white and mix well. Apply this mixture to the face well for twenty minutes and wash the face well with warm water. Repeat this procedure for about 15 days to get the bright beauty and all-time glowing face with this beauty face tip for women and teens.


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