Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Natural Face Whitening Tips

Natural  Face Whitening Tips. The fact is that this can be made possible with a little dedication and the right research. There are several homemade skin whitening products that can help you become fairer.

With Orange Pack
· Collect the orange peels and dry them in the sunlight.
· Let them be there till they get fully dried.
· Now grind them and make a fine powder.
· When you have to apply it, add some raw milk to this powder and make a fine paste.
· Wait for it to get completely dried on the face.
· Then rinse it off after a few minutes using lukewarm water.
· It can be applied daily also.

Sandal facial Skin Bleach
The ingredients are as follows:
· Sandalwood powder
· Lemon juice
· Cucumber juice
· Tomato juice
Mix these properly and make a fine paste. Apply it on the skin. Then wait for it to get fully dried. It helps you have bright and light colored skin with a an even texture & complexion.


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  2. Simple tips to whitening the face naturally. Thanks for sharing and keep writing.

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  6. Beauty tips for face glow : Mix banana with olive oil. Apply it on face. Leave it for half an hour to one hour, then wash your face.
    Tips to remove Wrinkles : Apply cabbage juice on your face regularly.

    To make skin clear and soft : Mix sandal powder with lemon juice, make it into paste, apply it on your face, lemon removes all dust particles and get your skin clear.Sandal makes your face soft and get brighten skin. Sandal is the best natural product for skin brightening.

    Natural beauty tips

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