Sunday, 29 April 2012

Beauty Tips for Teeth Care

Tips for Teeth Care. Dentists declare that the majority of the significant component of tooth care occurs at home. Brushing and flossing correctly, along with standard dental checkups, can help avert tooth decay and gum disease. If you're akin to the majority of the people, you don't accurately look further to facing a dentist's tool. Dentists articulate that the least time you ought to spend brushing your teeth is 2 minutes two times a day. Here are a few tips on how to brush correctly.
Daily tips.
Hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle adjacent to your gum line. Softly brush from where the tooth and gum convene to the chewing face in short strokes. Brushing too tough can reason receding gums, tooth compassion, and, over time, wobbly teeth. Use the similar method to brush all outside and indoor surfaces of your teeth. To dirt free the chewing surfaces of your teeth, utilize short sweeping strokes, tipping the bristles hooked on the pits and crevices.
To sparkle the inside surfaces of your top and bottom obverse teeth and gums, hold the brush more or less vertical. With reverse and forth motions, bring the obverse part of the brush above the teeth and gums. By means of a forward-sweeping action, gently brush your tongue and the crown of your mouth to eliminate the decay-causing bacteria that subsist in these places.
Tooth-Whitening Products:
Some toothpaste asserts to whiten teeth. There's nil wrong with using whitening toothpastes as long as they also enclose fluoride and ingredients that brawl plaque and tartar. But these toothpastes without help don't enclose much in the way of whitening ingredients and most likely won't perceptibly modify the color of your teeth. It's effortless to be lured by ads impressing people they require gleaming white teeth. But these ads are actually targeted to elder people. The truth is that the majority of teens don't require tooth whitening for the reason that teeth are generally golden as a person gets elder. If you imagine your teeth aren't white enough, nevertheless, chat to your dentist before you endeavor any over the counter whitening products. Your dentist may be talented to proffer you specialized treatment, which will be matched to your exceptional requires.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Tips to reduce Body Fat Naturally

Way to reduce Body Fat Naturally. Reducing fat doesn't always have to mean hitting the gym for endless hours. In fact, there are a few things you can do outside of the gym to boost your fat-burning abilities. Because it takes time to work off the 3,500 calories found in just one pound of fat. And if you're looking to burn off these 3,500 calories, you'll need to whip your metabolism into shape.

Simple ways to burn fat, fat burning foods & some examples of foods you should try to avoid to help you fight fat for years

  • Water: You are what you drink, so if you're drinking too many sugary juices, sodas and energy drinks, then you'll soon become dependant on them. Water is the obvious healthy choice, and it can keep you from filling up on empty calories that are found in sodas, coffee and certain teas.
  • Green Tea: Green Tea isn't only delicious, but it's nutritious, cancer-fighting, and provides a metabolism-boosting effect as well. You can find green tea extract in pill or liquid form, and taking either will help increase your metabolic rate by 4%; if you take three daily doses, you could burn 60 more calories per day than you're currently burning.
  • Use Banana to your Breakfast: You don't have to limit eating bananas to breakfast because they're good at any point in the day.
  • Add Iron to your Diet: Eating enough iron is another helpful fat burning tip. When your body is lacking iron, your cells won't receive the proper amount of oxygen they need, thus resulting in sluggish metabolism. Adding an Iron supplement or multi-vitamin(s) to your daily routine can fix this problem.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Beauty Tips for Weddings

Beauty Tips forWeddings .Wedding Functions Beauty tips are more important. Everyone is busy in searching out his or her respective bride and groom. A perfect match can enhance your future. Leading a happy marital life, you will remain healthy and young. Preparation for this big day is no doubt a vital part of life. Both bride and groom wait for the day. 
Grooming Tips

Massage Tips: Let’s start the process with a soothing massage therapy. This body massage should be done by an expert hand. A complete body spa therapy with healing massage can remove all tension and stress of the groom. He will look bright and handsome. 

Healthy activities: Before marriage, start your fitness schedule. Physical exercises will groom up your masculine features.

Eating and drinking habit: Enrich your health with adequate quantity of vitamin, protein, calcium, minerals, etc. A dietician can support your in this regard. Daily try to drink at least eight to nine glasses of water. Fruit juice is also beneficial for you.

Hair care for grooms: Try to take care of your hair. Use hair oil at least twice in a week. Wash off the hair regularly with a good conditioner based shampoo. Apply conditioner on your hair after each shampooing. Follow a good hair style some months in advance of the occasion.
Professional shaving: This is the main thing in a man’s life. Well-shaved person can draw anybody’s attention. For improving your gentle features, go to a professional barbershop a few months in advance of your marriage.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beauty Tips for Hands

Beauty Tips for Hands. Everyone might be looking for some effective beauty tips for hands. Hands play a very important role in our day today life. Our arms are connected by the hands. Without hands we can’t do anything. So they need proper care. Moreover you must keep your hands and nails beautiful. A pair of beautiful hand adds an extra charisma to your look. To make your hands beautiful, several beauty companies come up with several hand care products. You can choose any of them. However always buy the products of reputed brands. Some homemade hand masks are also very effective in making your hands beautiful and glowing. Some essential beauty tips for hands are as follows.
Nail and Hand Care Tips
You must go for a routine care for keeping your hands and nails healthy and problem free. Don’t forget to wash your hands after returning home from outside. Never apply any harsh soap but always use an herbal face wash. After a proper cleansing you need to hydrate your hands with an herbal moisturizer.
Apart from that you must go for a manicure treatment once a month. It helps keep your nails problem free and healthy. You can do it at your home as well. These are several manicure kits available in the market with the user guide. If you are a busy person and don’t get so much time to go to any salon then you have some other options. Here are some effective homemade hand masks given for you, try it out.Also apply lemon and honey in hands that make your skin shine.

Beauty Tips for Hands.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Makeup Tips for women’s

Makeup Tips for women’s .Women with medium to darker complexions know that makeup can often present challenges that cosmetic brands and beauty stories.Women of color disproportionately spend money on cosmetics, yet often aren’t spoken to, says makeup artist. Now you can do this in home following this steps.

Get a Natural Look When Applying 
Use the pad of your ring finger to tap it into the skin. A concealer makeup brush can also do the trick if you don't want makeup all over your hands. Never rub the concealer into the skin because it won’t give you the best results.

The Perfect Eyebrow
Use a pencil and a small ruler to shape the eyebrow and start of the brow must be lined up with the edge of the nostril. The highest point of the eyebrow must be in line with the pupil of the eye and Brush the hair of the eyebrow down. The excess hair sticking to the skin outside the natural shape of the brow must be plucked out using a tweezers. Remember to pluck the hair in the direction of growth of the hair strand. Use very light colored eye shadow on the inside ridge of the eye.

Set brows with powder. 
Deeper complicated women naturally have darker brows, which mean you’ll shape and fill in sparse areas with shades ranging from brown to dark shades.

Don’t cover freckles. 
When applying foundation your aim should never be to cover freckles not only do they add character, but you’ll risk looking too ‘done’ if they’re opaquely painted over. Tyra Banks loves her freckles so much that she’ll go back with an eyeliner pencil if she feels they’ve been too covered by makeup.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Beauty Tips for children’s

Beauty Tips for children’s There is one thing that we all can do. Always take care of your children’s beauty care. I am sure our parents did the best they could, as in my case I was just too strong willed and insisted on my own way. But we must at least try to inculcate good habits from the very beginning, and give the future generation a beautiful, healthy advantage.

During your pregnancy, keep calm and encourage peaceful, loving thoughts because it has been scientifically proved that your attitude of mind affects the health. Reasons why pregnant woman are expected to read religious books and listen to spiritual songs and hymns.

Good food habits for your kids
Good skin and hair is the result of a healthy diet. Lotions and shampoos are attempted cures and not preventions. If you start your daughter on the right foods, she will automatically gain the healthy advantage. You can give her a few sweets and chocolates, but make sure that they are rationed. Encourage her to eat good wholesome food like milk, cheese, eggs, fish, meat and plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Hair and skin care for your kids
Teach your little daughter to keep her hair clean and neat. A mild shampoo and regular brushing should keep them in good condition. Regular trims are a must as are oil massages. At this age it is always better to keep hair short so that they are well maintained and healthy.

A daily bath is a must and should be doubled in summers for your children’s. A fragrant talcum powder will help her feel fresh and clean. Deodorants should not be encouraged before her teens.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bath Treatments for smooth skin.

Bath Treatments. There are some techniques to make your skin soft and smooth. Before taking bath follow this method. After taking bath you can see the difference of your smooth skin. Follow the tips below for soothing bath treatments.
Stress Relief
Add three cups of very strong chamomile tea. Add to bath water. Chamomile is soothing, healing properties that ease away tension.
Oily Skin
Add to bath water any combination of citric fruits, such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. Citric acids kill bacteria, remove impurities, and dry up excess oil. It is the ultimate aroma therapy, and a great way to use overripe fruits.
Dry Skin
Add baking soda to bath water to moisturize skin.
Fight dryness by adding ten drops of rose oil under running water. If you want true luxury, add some rose petals. Rose oil hydrates skin, is a wonderful scent, and helps prevent spider veins. Oil and water don't always mix well. So, it might be necessary to add a little milk to help them to diffuse better.
Skin Softener
Mix together three cups uncooked oatmeal, two cups wheat bran, and 1/4 cup aloe vera gel. Spoon into a fine mesh cheesecloth or to a knee-high nylon sock. Add to bath. After soaking, use ibag to cleanse skin. Brew ten ginseng tea bags in a large teapot. Pour into bath. Ginseng helps soften, tone, and refine skin, and it fights aging. Add a package of Jell-O to a warm bath. Sit in the tub for at least fifteen minutes.
Mix two teaspoons ginger with two teaspoons dried mustard. Add to bath. The ingredients are perfect for menstrual bloating and discomfort.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Tips to reduce Black Spots in your face.

Tips to reduce Black Spots in your face. To get rid of the black spots on your face follow this tip
  • Prepare a paste with half tomato, kesar, turmeric and milk and apply it to your face as face pack till min 15 mins.
  • Take one cup of curd and one egg and then mix well then apply in your face wait for one hour. After one hour washout the face and then the face will be shiny do once in a week at 4 times then the spot will be disappearing soon.
  • Grind cabbage n apply on face like pack it'll resolve black spots.
  • Take the pulp of aloe vera and keep it out for 5 min and then add few drops of lemon, apply of face, gives a good result.
  • By eating a raw carrot daily avoids dark circles under your eyes
  • Apply potato paste on the affected area and leave it for 1 to 2 hour. It works like magic.
  • Apply small amount of turmeric powder with lemon juice for face black spots on the face will disappear and skin glows in week only.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


TIPS FOR STRETCH MARKS Many women’s develop stretch marks at various stages of their lives, especially during pregnancy. The best way to combat stretch marks is to prevent their formation. If you put on weight fairly suddenly on any area of your body, you are likely to develop stretch marks. Stretch marks can thus occur at any time, but they are most common during pregnancy. A woman's stomach stretches greatly to accommodate her growing baby. Her breasts grow as well, thus leading women to develop stretch marks on these areas.
Body Lotion 
Apply body lotion all over, not just on your arms. Don't forget your tummy and breasts they need lotion the most.  Don't wait until you are pregnant or until you start planning a baby before applying lotion. Start today. Do this every morning, after a shower. Your pores are still open, they are clean, and will be able to absorb the moisturizer well.
Regular oil body massages help keep your skin nourished and supple. Coconut oil is a good bet as it gets absorbed fairly easily. Start with body oil massages before pregnancy, and speak to your doctor about continuing them during pregnancy. You could gently massage your tummy with oil yourself.
Water hydrates the skin from within, and if you have been drinking enough water everyday, chances are that you have well nourished, supple skin, which will be able to bear the impact of your pregnancy without developing marks.
Weight Gain 
You should gain around 12 to 14 kgs during your pregnancy. If you are under weight for your height, you could gain a couple of extra kgs, while if you are over weight, you should aim for gaining a few kgs less, depending on how overweight you are, and on what your doctor says.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hair Style Tips

Hair Style Tips are important to every one in life. There is some tips to care your hair.
  • Cut your hair frequently. It is better to trim a minimal amount of hair often than it is to cut off a whole lot once a year, as your hair stays in healthier condition.  
  • Never use a blow dryer on dry hair.
  • If you want a change of style but want to keep the length, get your hair cut in long layers. This also helps remove split ends. 
  • Always use rubber bands that are covered with fabric when you want to tie up your hair. This reduces breakage. 
  • Natural bristle brushes are preferable to plastic and polyester bristles. They are gentler on the hair.  Unless your brush has natural bristles, you should never brush wet hair, as wet hair tends to snap easily. 
  • Move the blow dryer along the length of your hair along with your brush.  
  • If your hair is very curly, it helps if your blow dryer has a flat nozzle attachment to better direct air. 
  • Stick to making sections with the help of horizontal and vertical partings to your hair, and doing blocks at a time. 
  • Wearing a conditioner at all times keeps the hair moisturized and also helps prevent damage caused by exposure to sunlight.
  • Divide the loose hair into two sections, and blow-dry each section with the help of a round brush.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows

Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows are more important for every one. Eyebrows add strength and meaning to your face. Fine groomed eyebrows add to your beauty. There are some ways to get beautiful eyebrows.
1. First you must pluck eyebrows before bedtime so any redness will go overnight. In shaping your eyebrows make use of your facial features.
2. Then use a pair of slant edge tweezers which hold hairs without difficulty. Comb hairs one way and after that other to remove loose hairs.
3. You should pluck hairs involving the brows and any stragglers. Do not remove the hairs from above your eyebrows.
4. Pluck all hair separately close to the root. Work in the way of the growth.
5. Always stay away from over plucking. In defining your eyebrows select a shade close to your natural hair color.
6. When using a pencil you must apply in small, feathered strokes. When starting at the interior corner work outwards.
7. Blend the color with a brush. To tame stray hairs simply use hair gel and comb through to neaten.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Homemade tips for skin care

Homemade tips for skin care can give you more beefiness from your home itself. Eating and drinking healthy will let you have radiant and glowing skin without pimples and blemishes. When food will take care of your skin from within you’d also need to apply homemade beauty packs to complete the process.

Egg yolk 
Egg yolk is rich in nutrients that will let you have beautifully glowing skin. To make a face pack of egg yolk- mix 1 egg yolk with ½ tablespoon of olive oil and ½ table spoon of lemon juice. Apply the pack on your face and leave it to dry for around 15 mins. Rinse off the pack completely with water. It is an ideal face pack for normal to dry skin.

Cucumber is the natural astringent. It also helps tightening skin and slows down the aging process. Hence, cucumber is a must have in your beauty regime. Grate cucumber and extract the juice. Apply the juice on your face with cotton ball. Let it dry on your face for 20 mins. Time-to-time, reapply the juice. Rinse your face with cold water when the juice dries completely. 

Honey Peach 
This is a great face mask which can be used everyday. Honey is the natural moisturizer and therefore is used extensively in face-packs. The honey, peach and yogurt mask will leave your skin beautiful and glowing.  First take the pulp of a large peach and mix honey and yogurt to it. Make a paste and apply it on face. Leave the pack to dry for 30 mins. Once the pack is dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Complete the process by applying light moisturizer to your face.